You're Not Stuck Teaching!

How to discover what is possible for you beyond the classroom

If you're a teacher exploring career change, the first step isn't revising your resume or browsing job postings. It's figuring out what you want for the next chapter of your career. In this workshop, you'll learn how to discover and explore work that excites you, without pigeon-holing yourself into work you think you "can get". 

Speaker: Laura Litwiller


October 18th, 2023
4:00 PM ET
60 minutes

Laura Litwiller

Meet Laura

Laura is a career coach for teachers and educators. She helps her clients clarify what they want for their career, discover and explore new career paths, transition to a new career field, find more joy in their current work, and feel hope and excitement about their career again. She offers 1:1 coaching and an online course Teachers at a Crossroads, Exploring Career Change.
Laura lives in Massachusetts (though she’s a Midwesterner at heart!) with her husband and two young daughters. Her own work has run the gamut in education: teaching high school Spanish, advising college students, directing a study abroad program, and instructing an urban cycling course.