Embracing Neurodiversity: Understanding & Celebrating Differences for a More Inclusive Workplace

Understanding how your brain works will help you articulate your strengths in a job interview and advocate for what you need in any situation, especially in the workplace.  

This presentation will talk about what neurodiversity is, how to foster neurodivergent acceptance and advocacy in the workplace, and how to ask questions during your interview to determine if a company is open and accommodating to neurodiversity and neurodivergent employees. 

Speaker: Lindsay Binette

May 4, 2023

12:00 PM ET


Meet Lindsay 

ADHD Coach and voice for neurodivergent thinkers

Lindsay Binette is an ADHD Coach and voice for neurodivergent thinkers.  Her personal journey with ADHD evolved into a passion for neurodiversity support, education, and advocacy.  In her coaching, Lindsay specializes in working with individuals managing life transitions and family life with ADHD.  She collaborates with her clients to learn about neurodiversity and encourages them to build long-term sustainable ADHD management strategies.  Lindsay advises companies of all sizes to educate on neurodiversity and weave ND into core company values for a more inclusive workplace and authentic company culture.