Setting up for Success with the Fair Play Method

It’s no secret that mothers do the majority of the work to keep the household running, regardless of whether they are at home or back to work while building their family. This recipe for burnout does not have to be inevitable. Join us to learn about the Fair Play movement which addresses gender inequity in both the home and the workplace. This system offers language and actionable steps to create a sustainable system to set your whole family up for success as you re-enter the workplace.

Speaker: Julia Ludwig

November 15, 2022 

12:00 PM EDT

Nov Webinar

Meet Julia

Certified Mom Coach | Fair Play Method Facilitator

Julia Ludwig is a certified coach for moms and Fair Play Method facilitator with a mission to create more time for moms to do what sparks their passion. With a background in finance and then fitness, Julia is intimately aware of the pitfalls of burnout and the connection between mental and physical health. Recognizing how overburdened and overwhelmed moms in particular are today, Julia became a Fair Play facilitator to better equip her coaching clients with the tools they need to create the time they need to live their most fulfilled lives. Julia has a 4 year old daughter and lives in Boston where she has a private coaching practice. You can learn more at