Simplify Your
Job Search Strategy

Looking for a job can feel like a full-time job. Add in the fact that being a Mom comes with a hefty to-do list, it’s easy to see how trying to land work you love can be stressful.

The process can often feel intimidating and unstructured, and if you’re not hearing back from employers, you may start to start to doubt yourself.

In this session, we’ll streamline your job search strategy into two steps, so you know exactly what to focus on and where to spend your time. You’ll learn how to mitigate stress, so you can keep your momentum and move towards career satisfaction WITHOUT sacrificing your health and sanity in the process.

Speaker: Aileen Axtmayer

January 11, 2023

12:00 PM ET


Meet Aileen

Career Coach & Corporate Wellness Speaker

Aileen Axtmayer is a Career Coach and Corporate Wellness Speaker. In her practice, Aspire with Aileen, she helps exhausted professionals restore their energy, feel their best, and do what they love. Over the past 15+ years, she’s helped thousands of people manage their stress and land jobs that are meaningful to them.

Aileen earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Villanova University and master’s degree in counseling from Northeastern University. She complemented these studies with a 200-hour yoga teacher training, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching certification, and Meditation Teacher and Breath Coach trainings. She believes that happiness in our careers can make us healthier, and being healthier can enable us to thrive in our work. Learn more at