Is Work/Life Balance Possible?

How to create what works for your unique family dynamic. 

The expectation society has placed on mothers, is to work like we don’t have children and parent like we don’t have jobs.

The term “Supermom” is overused and overrated.

So how can you avoid burnout and still feel like everything is under control?

In this workshop we will break down what work/life balance really is, what it is not and how to create a plan and systems that work for your unique family dynamic. 

Speaker: Deborah Porter


November 1st, 2023
12:00 PM ET
60 minutes


Meet Deborah

Deborah Porter is a sought-after influential voice and media contributor on parenting, motherhood and work/life balance. Her work helps Fortune 500
companies (and others) reduce attrition, the cost of turnover and burnout among working parents, as they navigate the intersection of
Known as The Ultimate Mom Coach®️,  Deborah's impactful
presence extends from delivering keynotes, conducting workshops, hosting webinars, to coaching across the United States, Canada, and Nigeria. Her unwavering dedication lies in supporting and illuminating the intricate balancing act of working mothers. Her work has been featured in Parents, Motherly and other esteemed publications.